• A property only has to serve one purpose –

    it must meet your expectations

    Southern Germany not only offers some of Germany’s most beautiful panoramas, but in a commercial sense it provides even more – excellent perspectives in terms of economic development, with the local towns and regions increasingly outpacing the rest of Germany.

    Frank Immobilien has been specialising in providing profound real estate advice in this region for more than ten years. No matter if commercial or residential real estate; whether you want to buy, sell, lease or rent – we partner with you and create the appropriate and holistic strategy according to your individual requirements. With a maximum degree of commitment, quality standard and management dedication, backed by our wide and crossindustry network, we will jointly make sure that your perspective is accurate – and fit for the future.

    From first-hand experience we know how to make our clients even more successful. This is why we studied real estate; and that is why we compulsorily study and monitor the industry’s day-to-day developments. The real estate business requires clear messages – sometimes they might be inconvenient, however, we at Frank Immobilien will always stay true and frank to you and to ourselves.
    No matter what your individual requirements are, we will support you in finding the right location, the right investment or the right third-party use for your property - we will listen, ask and reflect to deliver. We feel this provides the perfect basis for a trustworthy, creative and fruitful partnership.

    Challenge us!

  • Vision at a glance:

    Passion combined with know-how

    We gained our real estate expertise in a well-structured way – during our studies and having for worked in various positions for renowned companies both in Germany and abroad.
    This is why we know how to do both national and international investment business blindfolded. And the southern German investment market we even know better – out of a strong sense of home, affinity to our region, business sense and local market knowledge.

    Johannes Frank (MBA)

    Johannes is the founder and a managing partner of Frank Immobilien. Johannes has more than ten years’ professional experience in the real estate sector and has gained an extensive degree of market knowledge and a wide, cross-sector network. After founding Frank Immobilien, he has been successful in execute and close various remarkable and complex real estate transactions in the southern German market.

    Johannes holds an MBA from Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HFWU) in real estate economics and is fluent in German and English.

    Former appointments:

    • Cushman & Wakefield LLP, Frankfurt am Main.
    • Member of the Capital Markets Team and primarily responsible for commercial real estate investments and acquisitions throughout Germany, especially on behalf of foreign investors. German Closed-end real estate fund.
    • Responsible for asset management, marketing strategies, letting and management of existing tenants. Since 2010, managing partner of FRANK Immobilien GmbH.
    Johannes Frank

    Dennis Dreher (MBA)

    Dennis is a managing partner of FRANK Immobilien GmbH and has more than ten years of professional experience in the commercial property transaction sector both in Germany and abroad. Before joining FRANK Immobilien he amongst other things worked as a consultant, executing numerous real estate transactions for both private and institutional investors.

    Dennis holds an MBA from Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HFWU) in real estate economics and is fluent in German, English and French.

    Former appointments:

    • SITQ Europe, Paris. Responsible for acquisitions, asset management and sales of commercial real estate in Europe, with a focus on Germany.
    • Jones Lang LaSalle GmbH, Stuttgart.
      Associate Director, responsible for office investment, sales of commercial real estate, project developments and vacant land.
    • Since 2015, managing partner of FRANK Immobilien GmbH.
    Dennis Dreher
  • Real estate is more flexible
    than you might think,

    because we adapt it to your plans.

    We boast excellent brokering and consultancy services, because we focus on our customers and their individual wishes and plans. We apply our experience and our excellent understanding of the real estate market to the projects we oversee. We also draw on our close ties with investors and occupiers. In other words, we are the right partner for the planning, management and realisation of your real estate decisions.


    For you as a landlord and owner

    A property is an investment. And an investment should pay off for you in the long run – if you make the right decisions. We will give you independent advice on the letting of your existing space and on project developments.
    We coordinate new lettings and handle renegotiations with existing tenants.Detailed analysis of vacant/available space

    • Presentation and analysis of the current market situation and comparing your position with the competitors to
      create full market transparency
    • Coordination and definition of the marketing strategy
    • Coordination of the marketing activities with all the relevant market players
    • Definition of the target groups and specific communication with potential tenants
    • Obtaining and analysing rental offers
    • Comparing offers and calculating their profitability
    • Conducting rental agreement negotiations with potential occupiers

    We offer the perfect foundation for your letting decisions


    For you as a tenant and occupier

    The market can be confusing at times and maintaining a clear overview is a job in itself – our job. We will give you profound independent advice on your search for rental space and on renegotiating your existing rental conditions.+ Detailed analysis and identification of your space requirements

    • Precise definition of your needs and formulation of your requirements profile
    • Presentation of all the available units that meet your requirements – establishment of market transparency
    • Analysis and presentation of relevant offers
    • Calculation of cost-effectiveness and space efficiency – creating the optimum cost situation for your company
    • Conducting rental agreement negotiations with owners
    • We offer transparent and revision-proof decision-making processes

    We define savings and cost optimisation potentials and offer the perfect foundation for your rental decisions


    For you as a seller

    Every detail matters when selling a property. We will give you independent advice, calculate possible sale prices
    and highlight your marketing options. We will then conduct your sale process in a structured manner in order to
    achieve the ideal result.

    • Detailed analysis of the property to be sold
    • Calculation of a sales price and marketing assessment
    • Coordination and definition of the marketing strategy
    • Definition and identification of the target group and targeted communication with potential buyers
    • Preparation of professional marketing documents
    • Conducting a structured and revision-proof sale process
    • Obtaining, analysing and evaluating offers to buy
    • Comparing offers and calculating their profitability
    • Assistance with purchase agreement negotiations with potential investors

    We offer the perfect foundations for your sale decisions and assist you throughout


    For you as an investor

    An investment has to pay off, in particular in the long term. We identify investment properties, give you
    independent advice when you buy properties and oversee the purchase processes. So that everything works out
    perfectly for you.

    • Detailed analysis and identification of your investment requirements
    • Definition of your needs and formulation of your requirements profile
    • Presentation of the market situation and where your requirements are positioned within the competitive field –
      establishment of market transparency
    • Analysis and presentation of the local market conditions
    • Identification of potential investment properties
    • Assistance with preparing market-oriented and structured offers to buy/LOI
    • Assistance with selecting and coordinating additional consultants (technical, legal, tax)
    • Analysis and evaluation of due diligence findings
    • Assistance with purchase agreement negotiations with the sellers

    We offer the perfect foundation for your investment decisions


    For you as an owner

    Real estate can be very demanding in terms of time, attention and energy, so it’s good to know you can safely
    place your administrative tasks in experienced hands. We manage everything from individual residential and
    commercial properties to complete portfolios of private and institutional investors.
    Our services are as follows:

    • Complete tenant management
    • Rental contracts and contract optimisation
    • Bookkeeping and accounting, invoicing, property and rental accounting
    • Overseeing and implementing all payment transactions and handling dunning
    • Technical facility management with servicing and maintenance planning
    • Budgeting and planning
    • Tailor-made reporting
    • Letting management
    • Optimisation and realisation of space and value creation potential
    • Coordination of service providers

    We offer optimum management of your real estate assets


    For you as a tenant or owner

    We cannot make decisions for you. But we can certainly help you make them, with professional and independent
    advice. We can also analyse and present your current status.

    • Detailed analysis of the status quo
    • Market and location analysis
    • Presentation of the basic options, potential, and optimisation and savings opportunities
    • Recognising value creation potential and developing solutions to boost the returns of commercial real estate
    • Developing use concepts and sustainable strategies to maintain property value
    • Sale of properties that are no longer required
    • Handling sale and leaseback transactions
    • Assistance with expansion and advice on your expansion strategy
    • Optimisation of your existing company properties and locations

    We highlight all the saving and cost optimisation


    The costs related to your real estate or production facilities equate to up to 25% of your total expenditure depending on your business model and sector.
    We support you with analysing and improving your property and real estate portfolio in terms of efficiency and economical sustainability.

    Because real estate is our core competence.

    • Analysis and benchmarking of the current status of your property and real estate portfolio in order to realise synergies and cost savings (owned and rented properties)
    • Development of a real estate masterplan tailor-made for your business targets and strategy
    • Implementation of suitable real estate guidelines and processes to set-up an efficient corporate real estate management
    • Execution of lifecycle analyses of your properties/portfolio as profound decision-making basis for acquisitions and sales in line with your corporate strategy
    • Support with regards to the decision-making process for the allocation of equity or debt capital (“Lease-or-Buy/Build Analysis”)
    • Execution of negotiations/project management for acquisitions, sales and lease projects
    • Location and site analysis/benchmarking for new sites or location consolidations
    • Coordination of third-party service providers such as legal, technical and tax advisors

    Regardless of the size of your company, we support you with your corporate real estate related matters on a local, national and global basis.

  • We only have one raison d’être:

    to have satisfied clients.

    We tell new real estate stories every day. Each story is unique, because the projects we work on are as diverse as our clients, their wishes and the properties involved. This keeps things interesting. And we will keep at it, in order to have many more satisfied clients. You can see a few of our references below and we would be happy to provide you with more upon request.

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    successfully and professionally brokering your property.

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